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Titans’ First Run a Success

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

/Running_Trail.jpgEverybody seemed to have enjoyed our first practice along the banks of the Credit River last Thursday. The four of us had met after work at the top of Culham Trail, run about 4 km south and returned to the starting point. We followed the wavy route that included two pedestrian bridges, two road crossings, noticeable variations in the elevation and one steep climb on the way back. The surface was mostly gravel with the steeper slopes paved.

The weather was perfect. We’d met other groups engaged in running or walking, but the place was not as crowded as it would had been on a weekend. Tony and Mike enthusiastically run ahead without really knowing where they were going, but fortunately they got lost only for a moment. Sharon and I took it easy, enjoying it nevertheless. We are already planning how to get other folks at TD to join us, so we can form groups of a similar level of fitness to enjoy our running sessions even more. The empty trails are waiting.

More about the Culham Trail from the cyclist’s point of view: Credit River – Culham Trail.

Culham Trail, MississaugaCulham Trail, MississaugaPictures to the right: Pedestrian bridge over the Credit River near Pinecliff Park at the end of Pine Cliff Drive.

An Ode to Running Shoes

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

saucony_grid_hrcWhere do old running shoes go? Do they fall asleep and dream of white unicorns flying over lush, soft meadows? They have soles, I’m sure they have souls too.

I have started my running adventure with Sauconys. The picture shows my second pair – I cannot find the first one. It might have become senile and wandered off following the dream of quiet walks without pounding on asphalt and concrete sidewalks. I think of both Saucony pairs fondly. They were comfortable, light, breathable, but not the strongest. The lining around the heel wore out quickly.

Running route for our first training

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

Running route for Titans' inaugural practice

Riverrun Park

This is what I propose for our first joint workout. The route marked in red is about 2.5 km long. It starts at a parking lot less than 5 min. away from the office, where we can change, and runs up to River Grove Community Centre, where we can rest or drink water if thirsty. If everybody feells strong, we can continue along the Credit River or go back to the starting point.

The running should take no longer than an hour, including 5 min. warmup, 5-10 stretching, about 40 min. run and 5 min. cooldown. I know the place well, the ground is soft and easy on the knees. It was wet recently, but it will most likely dry up. An uphill stretch before the Community Centre will give us a solid workout just before the rest midway.

Let me know if you like this plan or propose something similar, you may leave your comments under this post. However we choose, we should try to avoid streets and traffic during the rush hours.

I used SportTrack, excellent open source exercise logbook software, to draw the map.

Briefs, boxers or commando question will be addressed soon.

OMG, I’m running a marathon in May?

Friday, March 13th, 2009

OMG, I'm running a marathon in May

Well, OK, it’s not full marathon, only a relay, but it’s in May alright. On May 10 specifically, in our beautiful Mississauga, accompanied by a group of mighty colleagues who called themselves Titans.

On Feb 10 I wrote:

Marathon Relay Countdown Check points
100 days – Jan 30 - Check the gear, comfortable shoes should be 1-2 cm larger than the regular size.
- Start your workouts, if you haven’t started already.
50 days – March 21 - If you need to change shoes before the main run, do it now.
- Our fitness level is growing; we are becoming lean, mean running machines.
14 days – April 26 - Peak form; we know ourselves and the main event pace.
- Time to start tapering the workouts.  Let our bodies supercompensate before the main run.
Friday, May 8 - Have a good, long sleep.  Our anxiety may not let us do it on Saturday.
Saturday, May 9 - Pasta dinner or Pasta Party at the Expo, no running or light run in the morning.
Sunday, May 10 - Check the weather and dress appropriately.
- Drink lots of water 2 hrs before the run.
- Visit the portable toilets a couple of time before the run.
- Enjoy the run.

Let’s see. It’s March 12. I’ve barely started running not doing it more often than once a week. My BMI is totally not what it should be and my shoes are dirty. I’m buying a new pair. OK, not because they are dirty. This is the last pair that has less then 700 km on the odometer. It’s time to think about a new one. I’ll visit The Running Room.

Coming up: Briefs, boxers or commando – about the running gear…

Venus ventus temerarus – Ovidius

Sunday, March 8th, 2009

Venus favors the bold – Ovid (Publius Ovidius Naso).

Wherever your next space destination is, don’t forget to swing by the Evening Star before it becomes the Morning Star. Venus’s mass, at just over 80% of Earth’s, might even give you an extra gravitational kick. Why not to save some on fuel; money doesn’t grow on asteroids, you know. The recession our galaxy is experiencing may drag on and we don’t want to start canceling our space exploration plans. Do your math right though, you don’t want to land there unless you enjoy acid baths in the temperature that boils sulfur. Pity, if you do. Wear your coolest shades. Venus is exceptionally bright this year, even when seen from the San Valley near Przemyśl.

Venus favors the bold. We boldly redesigned the chart again, let’s hope this new layout will stay unchanged for a while. Not much success in predicting the future. We’ll switch to coffee grinds or, better still, wine sediment readings soon.

The Sun Activity and the San River Levels at Przemyśl
March 14, 2009

Daily Chart
Daily Chart Loader